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Easy as ZSB: Meet the Firms

A new school year comes with the promise of new opportunities, and for a business student, those opportunities come in the form of the Sam Croft Meet-the-Firms-Night. MTFN is an annual Zapara School of Business event that provides students with the opportunity to...

How to Avoid Being a Broke Millennial

The month of October is nearly upon us! A time when students are on the hunt for internships or job opportunities, and employers are seeking out the cream of the crop. Let’s face it, we don’t want to adult yet, but every successful business aficionado knows that networking is a must.

I’ve Been There: Transferring to La Sierra

Meet Chloe. A Sophomore transfer student from Southern Adventist University. As someone who has been through the ups and downs of transferring to a new school, we asked Chloe to be this week's Feature Friday and share her top advice on how to make your transfer a...

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